Stolen bikes do come home.

Stolen 2014 Trek Remedy 9 – RECOVERED!

Last week we received a phone call from Tammy from the Vancouver Police Department. She said that they had recovered a bike from the DT Eastside and were trying to get it back to the rightful owner. She had contacted Trek Bicycle with the serial number and they told her that the bike was shipped to our store.

We had no record of the sale in our point of sale system but could also clearly see that it was shipped to our store back in December of 2013. After some head scratching, we remembered that a former staff member, Chris, had that same bike which explained why we had no record of the sale. Chris and had since moved to Whistler and it seemed reasonable that this could be the same bike.

We contacted Chris who was able to confirm the serial number, but had sold the bike a couple years ago to a guy named Daniel. He did a little digging and was able to contact him. Wouldn’t you know it, Daniel’s bike had been stolen. Guess what? Daniel is getting his bike back!

Lesson 1: The police DO care! As it turns out this is Tammy’s job. She does this all day long.

Lesson 2: Record your serial number.

Lesson 3: If your bike is stolen, report it to the police with the serial number and description. Your odds of getting your bike back are far better. Your bike will be added to the Canadian Police Information System, which is what the police use to search serial numbers.

A big thanks to Trek, Chris, and Tammy from the VPD for getting this bike back where it belongs.

PS. Chris, there is still a job here for you when you move back to town.

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